Thursday, December 3, 2015

Week 12 - 13: Narrative Paragraphs

Unit 5: Narrative Paragraphs
·         WtC: pp 48-50
·         Read and Analyze “A Wonderful Summer Vacation”

Out of Class Writing
FB/Blog post 4:
·         Read/Analyze this narrative essay by Thomas: A Wonderful Summer Vacation
·         Write a narrative paragraph (at least 200 words) of something fun, interesting or exciting that you have done or dream of doing.
·         *Remember that your introduction should have a topic sentence that includes a controlling idea. For example: My eighteenth birthday (topic) is something I'll happily remember until the day I die. (controlling idea)
·         Then write 4-5 sentences reasons or examples of why you will remember your 18th birthday until the day you die. Make sure everything you write supports your topic and controlling idea.
·         Then write the conclusion, which restates (in another way) the topic and controlling idea.
·         Post the 1st draft of your paragraph along with a picture to your blog.

·         Post the link of your blog post to our class FB group page

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