Monday, November 27, 2017

SAU3 Blog post 3: What is the Meaning of Life and What is my Purpose?

In order to answer the question, “what is the meaning of life”, I am first going to define the word, life. From the point of defining what life is, I will then write about my purpose within and as life.

Supporting Sentences
In my opinion, life is everything that is here. In other words, everything that is, is of life. Furthermore but this doesn’t mean that everything is living. For example, a stone is of the life that is here, but I would not say that a stone is living - at least not from my perspective. Or perhaps a stone is living, I’m not sure.

As for my purpose within and as life, I would say that it is to live to my fullest potential. What do I mean by “fullest potential”? Thus, what defines life is the relationships of each one of us to everything that is here. In terms of why am I here, it’s simple. I am here to live life to my greatest potential (潛在).

SAU1 Blog post 1: What is the Meaning of Life and What is my Purpose

In order for me to answer the question, what is the meaning of life, I first have to define life - at least a little bit. Furthermore, in order for me to answer the question, what is my purpose, I first have to give myself a purpose. Why? Because when I was born, I didn’t come with an instruction book. Nobody told me what I was supposed to do with my life or even what life was all about. To tell you the truth, I’ve always felt very alone and I’ve always had more questions than answers. Perhaps it’s time for me to define my questions and create my own answers.

I guess life is a matter of relationships wherein each one of us have an opportunity to decide who we will be, which is how we are in relation to one another. In other words, the meaning of life is that which we give it as the life of yourself in relation to the live of others. For example, if I care about others and I am kind and considerate in relation to them, everybody and all things, then the meaning of life for me is the words, care, kindness and consideration. However, if I were to put self-interest first in relationships with others, then the meaning of life for me would be one of self interest and greed. Herein, I now see that if I want life to be kind, caring and considerate, then it’s my responsibility to live as best I am able the words kindness, caring and consideration (as the life of myself) in relation to all life.  Thus, I would say that, the meaning of life is however we define it as we live it.

As for my purpose, that’s easy. I propose to live life to my greatest potential. What is my greatest potential? It is to be as best I am able to be in relation to all life.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Thomas' 200 word Self Introduction Speech and/or Blog Post

Hi! My name is Thomas and I was born on an Indian reservation in Oklahoma during the  last years of what is called the Baby boomer generation. Although I love all of my brothers and sisters nowadays, back then it seems that we fought and argued a lot - at least until I was about 14 years old. That’s my life changed in a big way for the better.

As a child, my life was not so wonderful. My mother had 6 children and when I was 7, my dad decided that he didn’t want to be a dad any more. Yea, we were poor, so poor that I sometimes had to eat peanut butter for dinner and didn’t see my mom nearly as much as I would have like to. She seemed always to be working or driving my other brothers and sisters to gymnastics practice. Nevertheless, she was and awesome mom.

At the age of 14, I somehow got me into a private high school and that’s when my life began to change for the better. With role models and a structured environment, I realized that I was not only very athletic, but also very intelligent. When I graduated high school, I was first in my class.

From there, I began to travel and I eventually settled in Taiwan. Although I do not have a huge amount of money, I have everything I need and as far as I am concerned, my journey is just beginning.