Monday, May 1, 2017

The Future as I Imagine It

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In the future, I think that many things will change. The three main  changes that I would like to see for the future are in the fields of transportation, medicine and communication. For example, I think that people will travel very differently. Cars will not use gas and they will not drive on land. Instead, cars will use magnetic gravitation technology ton fly in the air.
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In terms of medicine, I also think that a lot is going to change.
Pharmaceutical companies will no longer be allowed to force people to take vaccinations that make them sick. Instead, plasma technology along with super computers will be used to balance the body and the mind. This technology will help to live much longer. Finally, changes in the internet will change the way we do everything. Blockchain technology will bring accountability to the internet. In other words, no one will be anonymous, there will be no more secrets. This will eliminate much of the abuse that takes place on the internet.

In conclusion, I think the future will be much better for humanity and a lot more fun than it is now.

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