Monday, March 12, 2018

GC&CL_106-2_Blog post 1: False Flag Terrorism and 9/11

False flag terrorism refers to acts of terror or terrorist operations that are carried out by one group (A) and blamed on another group (B), usually for the purpose of justifying a revenge attack on group A. For example, just before the US went full on into war with Vietnam, America claimed that the North Vietnamese had attack a US ship in the Gulf of Ton-kin. The US later admitted that the whole incident had never happened. Nevertheless, this was the main excuse used by the US to justify going to war with Vietnam, destroying the country and murdering millions of people. I use the word, murder because that’s what it was and that is what false flag operations do - they incorrectly justify murdering people in the name of retaliation.
As for 9/11, it was definitely false flag terrorism, and inside as well as an outside job carried out by organizations within the US government, private industry within the US as well as some foreign governments and their intelligence agencies. According to the official story, Osama Bin Laden and a group of his followers that used to live in caves in Afghanistan, traveled to the US, learned how to fly very small airplanes, bought passenger tickets for very large airplanes, took control of the airplanes and crashed them into tower World Trade center # 1, WTC # 2 and the Pentagon. According to the US government, fires in the towers caused the structures of the buildings to collapse. By the way, tower # 7 also collapsed even though nothing hit it. This one was a little more difficult to explain,n so the government just kind of ignored it in its report. For a long time, the majority of people just seemed to accept the official story because that’s what mainstream the media, like CNN, ABC, BBC, etc., insisted upon. However, more and more people got on the internet and shared ideas, more people began to question the official story. It was very difficult at first to question the government storey, because everybody knew that if the government had lied to us about 9/11, they had probably lied to us about a lot of other terrible things. How many wars were justified by false flag events; how many wars have been fought under false pretenses? Everyone knows deep down inside that, if our own government, the CIA and others had carried out 9/11, surely there must be so much more untruths that we have yet to uncover. This is why so many people still insist on believing their governments and the mainstream media. If they allow themselves to learn the truth, it will mean that much of what they have lived by has been a lie. Here’s what I think really happened with 9/11.

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