Tuesday, May 15, 2018

FAU#_106-2 Blog post 4: The 9/21 Earthquake Museum

FAU1_106-2 Blog post 4: The 9/21 Earthquake Museum
The 9/21 earthquake museum is located in Wufeng, Taichung, Taiwan. The purpose of the museum is… and it is dedicated to… The reason the local government decided to preserve some of the remains of the damage is to… Although some people might think it strange that the government would make a museum from some earthquake ruins, I think it’s kind of cool because it serves various purposes. Firstly, it helps to remind people of the importance of building strong structures capable of withstanding strong earthquakes. Secondly, it shows how people are able to come together and rebuild, even after a big crisis. Finally, it serves as a tourist attraction that helps bring thousands of visitors every year to the area,  which means money for the local economy.

The museum itself is quite large and contains 5 different themed galleries, Chelungpu Fault Gallery, Earthquake Engineering Hall, Image Gallery, Disaster Prevention Hall and the Reconstruction Records Hall. The Chelungpu Fault Gallery (talk about this gallery). Earthquake Engineering Hall (talk about this gallery). The Image Gallery (talk about this gallery). The Disaster Prevention Hall (talk about this gallery). Finally, there is the Reconstruction Records Hall (talk about this gallery).

Overall, I would certainly recommend visiting the museum for anyone interested in Taiwan history and a nice afternoon in the countryside.

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