Tuesday, October 10, 2017

FAU3 Blog post 1: Eating Traditions in Taiwan

In Taiwan, the staple food is rice and people usually have at least 3 meals per day. For breakfast, many people like to eat dan bing or egg pancake. Dan bing is egg wrapped inside of a pancake. Sometimes, people like to eat it with cheese and/or ham. It tastes delirious and I also like to eat dan bing, but I usually eat fruit for breakfast because I'm watching my weight and trying to eat more healthy food.

For lunch, there are so many different choices. For example, you can ____, _____ or _____. Most people probably have _____, but I usually eat ____ because …

Dinner is also an important meal in Taiwan. My three favorite dishes for dinner are ____, ____ and ____.

In conclusion, In terms of eating, Taiwan ____ ____ ____...

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