Thursday, October 5, 2017

FAU4 Blog post 1: My Three Favorite Dishes in Taiwan

Taiwan has so many delicious dishes that it is difficult to say which is the best three. Some people like (Three Cups Chicken), (Frog legs) and (Mapo Tofu) the best. However, I think (Beef Noodles), (Gong Bou Chicken) and (Braised Pork)  are the best dishes in Taiwan.

Beef noodles are made with beef, noodles and vegetables and I think it’s delicious because love/like beef soup.

Gong Bau Chicken is a little different. It’s made of chicken, garlic and chilies. d I like it because it's spicy.

Finally, Braised Pork is pork and I like it because it's so tasty.

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