Monday, October 2, 2017

GC&CL Blog-post 1: The 6th Mass Extinction Event

The 6th mass extinction refers to the annihilation or destruction of biodiversity  on planet earth that is happening now. In other words, just as so many species of dinosaurs when extinct 65 million years ago, so too are thousands, perhaps even millions of species now going extinct. 

Why is this big news, something that we should all take notice of? Because first of all, we humans are the cause of this extinction. Secondly, if we do not do something about it, humans may not be around in fifty years. Scientist are warning that the rate at which earth's species are dying off is not normal. In fact, by some estimates, species are dying off more than 100 times faster than they normally would. Furthermore, whereas smaller animal species would usually dye off at a faster rate, scientist are finding that larger animals such as whales and dolphins are disappearing at a disproportionately fast rate. Thus, we should investigate this more and determine how to solve this problem. 

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